Anthony Ashley Hair Design Fall Billboard Campaign

Going Big! So exciting to be able to see imagery we create go larger than life! And this month it happens in the Lehigh Valley! Honestly great fun to get to work with these lovely talented and beautiful stylists as we worked to create imagery for their fall campaign that will be high above the roadway! Too cool! Enjoy the looks of Nina, Sara, Alyssa, and Elaine and visit their fabulous salon Anthony Ashley 1740 West Allen Street in Allentown PA!

Anthony Ashley Hair Design

Anthony Ashley Hair Design








All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

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Photographing Sexy

look away

Boudoir Photography in the Studio

In the mind of a woman is vivid, alluring, seductive romance and we long to express what we innately feel, a natural sensuality. When making Boudoir style photography I seek to create a visual poem of each woman that steps before my lens.  As a woman I am keenly aware of both romantic fantasies and physical insecurities and I make it my mission to have a freeing enjoyable photo shoot because with comfort comes real expression and unique authenticity. I want each and every woman I photograph to feel relaxed enough that any inhibitions fly right out the door.  Although I seek to create images that evoke a sexiness, I also wish to project the soft beauty that is innately female.

Here are a few from a recent shoot that I believe unveil truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

moments alone


she imagines

it's the laughter you remember

darkness falls

black magic

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography. All Rights Reserved

We Love the Arts in Philadelphia!

The most interesting thing in the world to me has always been a free spontaneous expression of human nature whether in a thought, a symphony, a poem, a painting, a statue, or an act of everyday life that shows the qualities of mind, heart, and soul, which in my opinion, are the indispensables in any work of art.  ~ Dr. Albert Barnes 1925

Surely to celebrate my daughter’s 25th Birthday in the city of Brotherly Love was a perfect reason to ditch the same old Monday work stuff and head down the highway to our beloved Philadelphia! Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography
To be a tourist for a day in the town you grew up in has a special level of excitement, especially if we are about to be diggin’ some great art! Posing throughout the entryway of the Rodin Museum, whirling and twirling about is just plain fun! My Nikon camera always in hand, day off or not, I am in love with making pictures! We breezed thru the courtyard capturing our moments together and admiring the sculptures all at once smiling ear to ear. Second stop The Barnes Foundation and we were simply struck. Modern, magnificent, grand and enthralling it seduces you at first glance. More photo opps, more of us in rapture and then we went inside! So unlike any other art museum, the rhyme and reason is perfect but with a dash of whimsy. Love the iphone tour guides, we learned a ton! Then heading across the way to the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Circle we do more camera play and it felt as if we’d wondered into Paris! Full of the feelings of high art and lightheartedness we wandered on. If time allows and we always manage it to be in our favor, we head into Anthropologie and Free People to at the very least dreamily browse and at best gather wardrobe additions that speak to us in dreams! Finally our dining reservation at R2L awaits and we get whisked to the 37th floor of Liberty Two for a table for Six at the window with a view to die for.  The sensual experiences of the day now turn to nourishment and in a most gloriously delicious way! Each of us was over the moon at every bite that crossed our lips! What a fine day! with family, exploring the arts in Philadelphia! Yes, we loved them! #perfect Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography

Rodin Museum, PhiladelphiaThe Gates of Hell, Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia Swann Memorial Fountain, Logan Circle, Philadelphia Swann Memorial Fountain, Logan Circle, Philadelphia R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography – All Rights Reserved


Bethlehem Rocks!

Wow it just doesn’t stop coming, the music that is! The local music scene in Bethlehem PA is rockin’ that is for sure! Last week I was able to fit in two nights out for local music shows, Playing for Change and the John Beacher, David Cullen, & LisaBeth Weber show with opening act Nalani & Sarina.  Whew! What a couple of fabulous nights of music! Mark Johnson’s music project, Playing For Change was scheduled to open the Levitt Pavillon season outdoors but the downpour forced it inside which was no loss at all. The sound is just phenomenal at the Musikfest Cafe at Artsquest and the crowd was crazy for this multi-national band of high energy mega talented musicians! Between photo snaps my musician friend LisaBeth Weber & I could be found dancing to the music, left of stage! The next evening at Godfrey Daniel’s wonderful live listening room had the show opened by fab girl twin duo Nalani & Sarina which took the room by storm.  Their vibe was contagious as they put all their muscle behind their guitar and keyboard playing.  Next to the stage was the lovely and very talented singer songwriter LisaBeth Weber along with David Cullen and headliner John Beacher.  The combined musicwriting, singing, and guitar playing is a mix of lovely romantic calm and rambuncious, super fun rock and roll. Again the crowd gave a standing ovation as it felt like we were given a tremendous gift of peace and love and entertainment through song. So yeah, music lovers, our little town of Bethlehem is surely the place to be for music that happens just about every night all over town! PlayingForChange0074 PlayingForChange0064 PlayingForChange0061 PlayingForChange0054 PlayingForChange0045 PlayingForChange0025 PlayingForChange0023 PlayingForChange0011 GodfreyDaniels005 GodfreyDaniels010 GodfreyDaniels017 GodfreyDaniels022 GodfreyDaniels023 GodfreyDaniels036 GodfreyDaniels039 GodfreyDaniels085 GodfreyDaniels094 GodfreyDaniels099

GodfreyDaniels124 All Photos by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

The Martin Guitar Recording Studio Shoot

Getting to shoot in extremely varied and interesting locales is surely one of the perks of being a photographer. Every now & then though it gets amped up and becomes even more exciting as was the case with this year’s Martin Guitar apparel catalog shoot in a real recording studio, Spectra Sound in Nazareth PA.

As a serious music lover myself this shoot was truly rocking from the moment we arrived. Studio owner Jim was a knowledgeable and accommodating host allowing us full reign of the space and use of his very cool equipment.  Between shooting scenarios he had us listening to some really wonderful jazz music by this amazing singer Lydia Harrell. I’ve already hit up iTunes for her latest album and have been enjoying daily doses lately.  Turns out she is from Boston and my daughter lives up there so I have suggested she keep an eye out for Lydia’s shows and check her out!

Each time we do a shoot like this you learn things you didn’t know. I guess that is true enough of any new situation but I get really energized by other people and all they bring to the table. Our male model for the day, Chris, well he is the Senior Artist Relations Manager at Martin and of course I should have guessed because seems like everyone you meet at Martin is a musician, but yes Chris is too.  Once the shoot wrapped Chris set up in the studio and Jim recorded Chris doing an original song. Lucky for us we got to sit in and wiouldn’t ya know once again, my mind is blown.  His guitar playing, his demeanor and his song were absolutely beautiful!  What a talent, he was terrific and I think we should be listening to Chris on the radio!

With the help of Martin’s fun and hip Merchandise Manager Becky and my incredible assistant and amazing friend Sandy, our lovely, beautiful female model Mandee, who happens to be a Graphic Designer at Martin and of course the ultimate idea lady, super creative, high energy and wonderful  to be near VP Brand Marketing & Creative Director Amani Duncan, this shoot, was truly another great one! Thank you for having me along! I love the ride!

 Here are just a few favs from the latest photo shoot for The 1833 Shop Be sure to have a look at the actual catalog via link below!MartinRecordingStudio0451










MartinRecordingStudio0462MartinRecordingStudio0838 copy

All images by Terree Yeagle/ The Moment Photography commissioned by Martin Guitar

The 1833 Shop 2014 -2015 Catalog

#MartinPride #TheMomentPhotography

Springtime Romance

 CJ & Emilie’s Engagement Photo Shoot against the backdrop of Spring in Bethlehem PA. 

As blossoms abound and gorgeous rosy pink hues grace the landscape, so too does love come out to play!








CJEmilie0188 copy


CJEmilie0214 copy

 All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography. All Rights Reserved.


Photography, Art & Music Collide at Beacher’s Photo Shoot

Surrounded by some uber creatives we made pictures!


Hear John’s music


Collaboration, it’s certainly the working wave of the moment.  Gathering with like-minded souls on an effort all believe to be worthwhile whether or not for monetary gain. I enjoy collaborations because it feeds my need to be a part of something bigger. Lately my soul has me seeking out more and more of this type of work.  Simply I guess I just really dig working in the company of others.

A recent collaborate effort had me photographing images for uber talented, famed and well-loved singer songwriter, Mr. John Beacher.  Continue reading

One Camera & A Dream

One Camera and A Dream

When  looking back…..the smile emerges,  the ear to ear grin, along with a sense of wonderment at how what seemed like a simple decision had indeed  paved  the way of my future, provided me the full expression of my creative ability and enhanced every day I’ve lived on this wonderful earth.  Some twenty odd years ago when I was just 29, the world at my feet, it was the calling of the camera that summoned and propelled me into the world of professional photography.

The time I spent agonizing over my future back then panicked me at times, for deciding one’s place in the world is fraught with uncertainty.  The long way much describes how I had gotten to be where I was, standing on the edge of life’s door waiting for a clear sign, something to let me know what I should do with my life. Until that point, and taking more years than it should, I’d finished college, gotten married, had two daughters and was working several part time jobs to do my part in getting us by.  Our little family was glorious and life felt golden, all but the job part. Still pondering day after day how to raise my family, contribute an income, and fulfill my own needs in a work-life.  A career is what I longed for, to do something that made me feel worthwhile.  From the time I was a young girl  I figured I’d be a writer and had  gotten my degree in Journalism, however by the time I graduated I was far more involved with the camera than with pen and paper.  Surely I still loved words and writing, but the camera, my camera had become an extension of me and one particular fall day it brought the answer I sought.

As my husband Jake and I rolled along the country roads near home, our two little daughters in tow, my mind weighed heavy with that big burning question, what shall I do with my life? Suddenly with all the pondering, the wondering,  imagining, the dreaming,  something finally “clicked”!  “I’ll be a photographer I shouted to Jake as our blue Astro van carried us along past the golden autumn colored trees aside Lake Nockamixon. I’ll start my own business, a photography business! This way I can spend most of my time with the girls working from home, make my own hours, and be involved with something I absolutely love, photography!”

That was the moment it all came clear.  Funny thing is I wound up naming my business The Moment Photography. A defining moment in my life, it also signified the camera capturing an instant in life, a moment. Beyond that , the name truly derived from a painting by Gregory Perillo of the same name, The Moment.  In the painting a Native American man rests in his teepee, his woman delicately in his lap, both have their eyes closed yet on their faces, their expressions show the most beautiful content-ness.  The peace, harmony, and love they feel together shines through in that one gentle moment.  There it was if I could make images like that rendering  the beauty of life in just one particular moment in time, well that would be a dream come true.  Though those days are long gone vividly I recall my thoughts and feelings of that time.  I knew then, I still know, that was surely one of the greatest decisions I’d ever made.

For in doing so, in deciding to take up with my camera and document the wonder of life, so many doors opened offering glimpses into the lives of others, the happy times, the celebrations, the milestones of human life and achievement.  All this empowered  and offered me discovery of so much I never knew, visiting places I’d never seen, and greatest of all I’ve witnessed life stories and tales of accomplishment, of love and sometimes just  the ordinary.  Each job presents new opportunity to peer into circumstances in the hearts of others, to be present and capture bits of humanity so that on another day someone else can relive the magic.  In this way good fortune found me as I have not only made a living, but photography has helped me make a life!

The beginning was quite simple, one camera and a dream.  Together with my family and a few thousand dollars I’d saved in wrapped coins and dollar bills we trekked to New York City to purchase  a medium format camera.  On the counter of the camera shop I emptied the weighty bag of my savings and in return I was given a brand new Hasselblad camera. I couldn’t afford a case or any accessories but that mattered not.  Time would help me gather what I needed in the meantime I had the most important tool of the day in my hands and off I would go into the business of making pictures!

Though nothing of true value can ever come to pass with ease, rather many obstacles must be overcome and we do what we can with what we have. Shortly after making the decision to begin The Moment Photography I became pregnant again.  The news of the pregnancy thrilled me,  but this would prove my new foray into photography more challenging,  still determined I’d  forge ahead.  Slow but sure  the business grew and I looked to other longer established photographers for inspiration.  As a member of the Delaware Valley Guild of Professional Photographers I met and learned from many.  I recall being in the studio of a woman photographer with a great following among her clients and peers.  I marveled at the volume of work that lay about her studio and thought to myself  I hope I can be as busy as she is one day.  Time passed into years and  business blossomed more and more, suddenly one day I looked around my own studio at the files and orders, the piles of work and thought to myself  how remarkable another wish has come true. Realizations such as this that propel me along offering me hope and belief in the hardest of times knowing  that if you want something enough and you are willing to work very hard and give it all you’ve got, you’ll make it.

The people that come in front of my lens though  offer me the most personal growth and satisfaction. Partly because my mother was a breast cancer survivor along with the desire to bring attention to a local Relay For Life Event, I began photographing cancer survivors.  I figured my involvement could help further the cause and would be a good way to give back to community.  As luck would have it, I became one of the greatest beneficiaries of the project.  From our town came children and teenagers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, bankers, grocery store clerks, artists and salespersons, all ages, all walks, it was astounding. I never realized that quietly at once all around us are people coping with cancer, fighting brave battles for their lives.  Some don’t make it, others do and when you see the value of life in eyes of a survivor, it’s clear. Life is simply the most important thing.  The photographs we made together in our town during that year did increase  awareness of the importance in working together to find a cure. Simultaneously emerged the importance of embracing the value of life and all those we hold dear, special moments indeed.

Now this one goes back to the very beginning and I was photographing one of my first weddings in South Philadelphia in a jam packed house full of family all happy and loud.  I was upstairs in the mom’s bedroom where the bride was to be getting ready.  Momentarily the bride stepped out, so I sat on the bed waiting and in walked the mother of the bride.  She proceeded to completely undress and was standing in only her undergarments in front of me searching her closet for another ensemble.  Meanwhile I’m on the bed feeling very odd and not knowing what to do and in that most weird and funny scenario I began to burst into laughter in this stranger’s bedroom in South Philly with a nearly naked woman I did not know at all.  I don’t even think she heard me as the house was electric with the voices of the relatives.  There seems to be an acceptance of the photographer not only documenting but witnessing the business of life, undergarments and all!

Rewards are many in this line of work,  a two way street, give and receive.  Undoubtedly my heart has been touched in times too many to count but one of my greatest joys is affecting others and being able to create imagery for them that allows them to savor life’s sweetest moments. Recently I began noticing that in the homes of so many of my friends are photographs that I was fortunate to capture and that offer them warmth to the heart.  Last summer we traveled to Rhode Island to see dear old friends that we have known for 26 years. Many moons back I had taken an image of the couple and their daughter on a backyard swing and was beyond delighted and flattered to see that it was still prominently displayed in their home all these years later. How cool is that!

A camera and what it makes possible is really an incredible thing. A momentary flash of light on faces as they experience happiness and then an image on paper that lasts just about forever. It can call to mind the tenderest feelings and make a swelling in the heart, bring a smile, a laugh, a bit of melancholy. Never will I take for granted this ability I have to work with an instrument that is capable of such power. Grateful I am for the clarity so long ago and my decisiveness to enter into a field with just one camera and a dream and to have had the opportunities to make the dream come true.

A photograph so you will always remember, a photograph so you will never forget.

By Terree Yeagle


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