You & Me Kids! At Home Photo Shoots


At Home, Where the most ordinary of moments become extraordinary! 

For so many years I have been photographing families and documenting the milestones of life but lately I’ve given it a new twist with photo shoots at home, documenting the absolute reality of life! No fancy outfits, no perfect hairdo’s or smiles on command, now we are looking for the most ordinary of moments to document just the way they happen.  It’s a new style I am offering and I’ve dubbed the shoots, You & Me Baby for mother and baby, or parents and baby and You & Me Kids for all the family.

All the things you do as a family from reading stories to watching tv to baking cookiens and jumping on the bed, any and all family times are fair game.  From all the years of photographing my own kids as they grew and danced and played ice hockey I get really good at catching the action. So here we go! Have a look at one family relaxing and having fun at home being themselves! Judge for yourself but I think we truly captured the ordinary as extraordinary!

Story Time with Mom

Quiet Time Reading

Reading with Daddy

Taking a little break

Getting comforable

Loving Arms

On the strongest shoulders


Keep a look out as many more images from our shoot to come!

Call or message today to learn all about our ‘at home’  You & Me Baby and You & Me Kids Photo Shoots.  We offer shoots from one to four hours with the options to be photographed in a myriad of activities.

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crazyLove 2


crazyLove copy

You and Me Baby! At home photo shoots with Mother & Baby – The LookBook

I am so excited to be promoting this style of photo shoot today! For a while now I have been wanting to focus on the interaction between mother and baby, or mother and child, or children.  Most often when I go on location to a client’s home for a family photo shoot it is mostly to photograph the family together looking lovely for the camera. I’ve always shot the in between moments and just loved the captures so I decided to begin offering a lifestyle shoot in which we document all the little occurances of the day. From waking up, to changing time, to feeding, and play, each of those wonderful moments are the best stuff of life and deserves to be photographed to enjoy and to remember!

So here we are with a Jennifer and Josie on a typical day for them at home. Well Christmas was in the mix so we captured that too! Jennifer is now pregnant with baby #2 but this day’s shoot was all about the two of them. I am a mother of three, all grown up now but I recall those days that still don’t seem so long ago with such a tenderness, such a fondness and I would do anything to have had images made like this!

Enjoy this LookBook with highlights from our shoot and reach out if you would like to schedule an at home you & me baby lifestyle photo shoot at your place!

You & Me Baby Lifestyle Photo Shoots

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Photo Shoot

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Shoots

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Photo Shoots

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Photo Shoots

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Photo Shoots

You & Me Baby, Lifestyle Photo Shoots

Call, email or message our studio for complete shoot information including photo shoot fees and image collections.

peace & love all, Terree

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography,

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Getting Ready on the Wedding Day

Some of my favorite images are made during the time a bride is getting ready.  Lovely images of all the special selections the bride has made, her dress, flowers, jewelry, and shoes make some wonderful storytelling images for the wedding album. Sometimes little people are included which add a serious extra cuteness to all facets of the affair!


The Wedding Dress

Flowers for the Girls!

Hot Pink Wedding Shoes

the rings!

all in a row!

Stepping into shoes

Putting on the veil

so lovely!

little ones!

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography All Rights Reserved

Family Portraits in Winter

Wintertime Outdoors may be a bit shivery but it’s also a great time to gather the family over and have a photo shoot. We have many client’s that use this slower paced time of year to invite the extended gang for a Sunday meal and some togetherness as well as a family portrait session.

It’s easy to schedule as we come to you and even offer a rain date.  I won’t say snow date because for some, having snow falling or on the ground makes it even more fun!

Time goes by so quickly doesn’t it! So grab the calendar and let’s make a date! Location shoots within an hour of the studio are just a $125 session fee for up to one hour of picture making!

Here’s a look at a super fun group with some members coming as far away as Ireland!


Family Portraits in Winter

Family in Winter

father and son

mother and son








Give a shout today to schedule your Wintertime Outdoor Family Portrait Session!

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Holiday Mini Photo Shoots Festive, Quick and Easy!

 Holiday Mini Shoots are now happening in our studio with a festive silvery white holiday set. Come and play in your favorite cheery holiday attire! Holiday Photos make great gifts and can be made into wonderful custom designed greeting cards too! While you are here why not pick up a gift certificate for a photo shoot for someone you love! Photos make the very best gifts! What a treasure!

Packages offered from just $89!

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography


Holiday_Arianna0014 copy



Thanksgiving_FamilyHoliday0004 copy



Thanksgiving_FamilyHoliday0043 copy


Come Fly With Me! Wedding Images at the Airfield

Come Fly With Me!

So it is mighty hard to relinquish the job as wedding photographer for your own daughter’s wedding as I did recently when my daughter Autumn married the man of her dreams, Colin on our property in a rustic forest wedding! It was truly #fallinginlove as the pair led all the wedding guests down hill through the forest to a hillside ceremony site.

I knew I had to participate and enjoy this  monumental family event therefore I could not have camera in hand that day.  To compensate though we did a pre wedding shoot at VanSant Historic Airfield in Bucks County.  Colin pilots his own plane and he and Autumn frequently take to the skies for weekend adventures.  I had the idea of capturing them with one of the historic planes at VanSant and was fortunate enough to get that to happen.

We had my other daughter Sequoya, a hair stylist and makeup artist come early to bring out Autumn’s glamorous side. Then Sequoya played photo assistant as we captured the bride and groom to be around an old biplane.  The aviator spirit was all around us and here are a few of my favorites from the shoot! Enjoy!

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography


Wedding photos at VanSant Airfield, Bucks County PA

Wedding photos at VanSant Airfield, Bucks County PA

Wedding photos at VanSant Airfield, Bucks County PA

Anthony Ashley Hair Design Fall Billboard Campaign

Going Big! So exciting to be able to see imagery we create go larger than life! And this month it happens in the Lehigh Valley! Honestly great fun to get to work with these lovely talented and beautiful stylists as we worked to create imagery for their fall campaign that will be high above the roadway! Too cool! Enjoy the looks of Nina, Sara, Alyssa, and Elaine and visit their fabulous salon Anthony Ashley 1740 West Allen Street in Allentown PA!

Anthony Ashley Hair Design

Anthony Ashley Hair Design








All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

All Rights Reserved.



Photographing Sexy

look away

Boudoir Photography in the Studio

In the mind of a woman is vivid, alluring, seductive romance and we long to express what we innately feel, a natural sensuality. When making Boudoir style photography I seek to create a visual poem of each woman that steps before my lens.  As a woman I am keenly aware of both romantic fantasies and physical insecurities and I make it my mission to have a freeing enjoyable photo shoot because with comfort comes real expression and unique authenticity. I want each and every woman I photograph to feel relaxed enough that any inhibitions fly right out the door.  Although I seek to create images that evoke a sexiness, I also wish to project the soft beauty that is innately female.

Here are a few from a recent shoot that I believe unveil truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

moments alone


she imagines

it's the laughter you remember

darkness falls

black magic

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography. All Rights Reserved

We Love the Arts in Philadelphia!

The most interesting thing in the world to me has always been a free spontaneous expression of human nature whether in a thought, a symphony, a poem, a painting, a statue, or an act of everyday life that shows the qualities of mind, heart, and soul, which in my opinion, are the indispensables in any work of art.  ~ Dr. Albert Barnes 1925

Surely to celebrate my daughter’s 25th Birthday in the city of Brotherly Love was a perfect reason to ditch the same old Monday work stuff and head down the highway to our beloved Philadelphia! Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography
To be a tourist for a day in the town you grew up in has a special level of excitement, especially if we are about to be diggin’ some great art! Posing throughout the entryway of the Rodin Museum, whirling and twirling about is just plain fun! My Nikon camera always in hand, day off or not, I am in love with making pictures! We breezed thru the courtyard capturing our moments together and admiring the sculptures all at once smiling ear to ear. Second stop The Barnes Foundation and we were simply struck. Modern, magnificent, grand and enthralling it seduces you at first glance. More photo opps, more of us in rapture and then we went inside! So unlike any other art museum, the rhyme and reason is perfect but with a dash of whimsy. Love the iphone tour guides, we learned a ton! Then heading across the way to the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Circle we do more camera play and it felt as if we’d wondered into Paris! Full of the feelings of high art and lightheartedness we wandered on. If time allows and we always manage it to be in our favor, we head into Anthropologie and Free People to at the very least dreamily browse and at best gather wardrobe additions that speak to us in dreams! Finally our dining reservation at R2L awaits and we get whisked to the 37th floor of Liberty Two for a table for Six at the window with a view to die for.  The sensual experiences of the day now turn to nourishment and in a most gloriously delicious way! Each of us was over the moon at every bite that crossed our lips! What a fine day! with family, exploring the arts in Philadelphia! Yes, we loved them! #perfect Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography

Rodin Museum, PhiladelphiaThe Gates of Hell, Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography Philadelphia Pa, The Rodin Museum, The Moment Photography The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia Swann Memorial Fountain, Logan Circle, Philadelphia Swann Memorial Fountain, Logan Circle, Philadelphia R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

R2L restaurant Liberty Two, Philadelphia

All Images by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography – All Rights Reserved