WONDERful Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Moments!

July 14, 2016

How much fun it’s been working on this very special project for the Historic Bethlehem Visitor Center and Museum Store! We’ve turned many of our original photographs into decorative tiles and might I say they are such WONDERful gems! This evolved out of our Wear the Wonder WonderCuffs that are being carried by the store. They asked is we would be able to showcase the town in some way and we all figured tiles would be a fun and interesting decorative option!

These Bethlehem Moments Tiles will be available in store at 505 Main Street Bethlehem on July 22, 2016. We figured folks that enjoy them and purchase them may want to know just where the tile images were taken and what they were so we have compiled a bit of a image catalog here to share that information. ***Note these are the original images and not shown on the tiles! Photos of the tiles will be coming soon!

Have a look and if you want to see our tile collections in person head on over to the Visitor Center! …..And if you are game, see if you can spot some of what we’ve seen while strolling about town!

Did you know there is a love statue in Bethlehem? Well it is indeed so and it is located on the campus near the bookstore! What a fun local marvel!

In the very early spring this musician was serenading the landscape and I couldn’t help but to capture his presence.

This Prehistoric looking Stone Archway is a magnificent addition to the beautiful Sculpture Garden in the 13 acre City Center above the Fahy Bridge, below the Bethlehem Library, near to the Police Station in Bethlehem’s Northside.