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The Moment Photography 4025 Peach Lane Zionsville PA 18092

The – 215 679 4376

I began The Moment Photography many moons ago and I’ve had the good fortune to photograph hundreds, maybe thousands, Idk, many, many faces, lots of people, places, and things and to make it a successful career. With each person that comes before my lens I am able to see and document their beauty in a way that makes me happy. The great part is it makes others happy too! And so the circle goes, all I want to do is shoot and create imagery that speaks. My name is Terree Yeagle and all my life I have loved photography. From the time I got my first Polaroid Swinger camera in the 4th grade, I’ve been obsessed with making photographs. There is not a day that passes that my life is not touched by imagery. My camera is an extension of my being and my passion is kept burning by viewing and creating photography. Photographs adorn the walls of my home and offer me a glimpse back into the moments of my life with those I love. This is the core of my happiness, a camera and some photographs and I am transported to a place that allows my soul to soar! It’s extraordinary.

When I open a new magazine or book with images I have not yet seen and I begin to turn the pages it is as if I’ve opened a chest of golden sparkling treasure! That is what I see and it truly is extraordinary to be moved by photographic art. I have viewed and studied infinite magazines and the photography of life they behold. It’s magic, and lucky for me, I’ve discovered it, embraced and loved it, for it’s given me a million beautiful moments!